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The basics

Ok, it might sound a ridiculous thing to say, but you need to be clear about what you're going to advertise and to whom. Many business owners decide they need to place an ad in order to increase business, but they fail to answer these two critical questions.


We love that word! Because it's so important. A successful ad campaign needs thoroughly story-boarding - we start with a brainstorming session and then sketch out our ideas on an old fashioned drawing pad with an old fashioned pencil.

The imagery

It's a cliche, I know, but a powerful image gives an immediate message. It has to illustrate the story of the ad and be of exceptional quality.

The words

Beautifully written copy is the poetry of advertising. It should make your points clearly, concisely and memorably. Read it through again and remove all the words that aren’t necessary - careful editing can mean the difference between success and failure.

The space

Some people think that if they're paying for the space, they may as well use every last millimetre of it. Think again - the right amount of space gives your message room to breathe, bringing the ad to life.

The call to action

This bit is vital. I call it 'the catcher' and, quite simply, it should draw your audience in to respond to the advert. People tend to do what they're told, which is why cleverly designed advertising has 'em flocking with fistfuls of readies.

Don't forget the contact details

They're important, but they must only go at the end of the ad. Once people want to buy your product or service, they'll look for where and how to get hold of you. Don't waste headline or body copy space with your name and phone number.

The following instalments

An ad campaign must be planned in its entirety from start to finish. Each advert should run in sequence, like the next episode of your favourite TV show. That way, the people who aren't ready to buy when they see your first ad will be completely hooked by the end.

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