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Brochure Design to Drive Your Marketing

Brochure design is a crucial marketing tool

The perfect brochure design can boost your brand image professionally. If the brochure design is attractive, it will affect positively on the marketing campaign. The effective brochure design has a direct impact on the customers.

AArt Design specialize in the design of product and services literature for B2C consumer products or B2B industrial firms or corporate brochure that can make an great impact on presentation of the marketing fact to the readers

A brochure allows you to provide a great deal of information which you can't always do with a magnet, postcard, or even a flyer. AArt Design can design stunning and visually appealing corporate brochures that can be used to convey information about your company and enable it to increase its exposure.

When is a good time to design a new brochure?

  • New business launch.
  • Introduction of new services or products.
  • When you are ready to refresh your image.

Message of a well-designed brochure

  • Restate the benefits of your services.
  • Reinforce your brand identity.
  • Provide contact information.

AArt Design brochure design solutions services:

  • Unique designs and strategic objectives turn prospective leads into clients or customers.
  • Integration with marketing objectives.
  • Brochure design and layout.
  • Imagery - photography and illustration.
  • Copywriting.
  • Printing.

Elements of a brochure

  • Imagery.
  • Description of benefits.
  • Description of products or services.
  • A call to action
  • Contact information.

Brochure types

The brochure type depends upon some factors such as targeted audience, objective, theme and structure. Selecting the best brochure design type, you can get a wider-customer base.

AArt Design company is a leading graphic design company and I can offer you various brochure types according to your business needs and your budget as well. Every one of the coming brochure type has its own role in the buying process.

  • Leave-behind brochures.
  • Point-of-sale brochures.
  • Respond to inquiries brochures.
  • Direct mail brochures.
  • Sales support tool.

Custom size brochures

AArt Design offers from custom size to A3 and A4 brochures with different types of folds to suit individual requirement.

Technical details

  • File formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Design aspect: Print ready files, with cut marks and outer bleed.
  • Design will be as per the chosen color format (eg 2 color to 4 color)

Choosing the right fold for your brochure

  • Half-fold brochure
  • Double parallel fold brochure
  • Tri-fold / letter-fold brochure
  • Right-angle half fold brochure
  • Z-fold brochure.

Read more about guidelines of brochure folds available along with advantages and disadvantages of each.

Read more about guidelines will be useful for your brochure design project.


AArt Design is a brochure design dedicated company and uses the most recent technology and techniques to design unique brochure designs.

You can visit my Brochure Graphic Design Portfolio.

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