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folder design

A folder gives the first impression of your brand identity. A well-designed business presentation folder highlights your organization's brand identity, professionalism, style and flair, clearly a cut above the rest.

We can help you design a folder that represents your brand identity and leave an impressive image on your customers. Get a custom design specifically designed for you that truly represents your organization.

We do not use any templates, and this ensures that you get unique design concepts. The folder may be a bi-fold, with one / two flaps, with inserts, or with any other specific requirement. We can assist you with all.

We provide designs for:

  • Corporate folder design
  • File folder design
  • Presentation folder design
  • Portfolio folder design
  • Custom folder design
  • Pocket folder design

Presentation folder design

One of the basic ways for advertising a brand identity is through a presentation folder. Presentation folders are materials that are usually presented to the client to give an introduction about a company's profile, services and other info. It is common that sales people are required to have this marketing collateral especially when dealing with clients. There are folders that are completely packed with inserts like brochures, business cards and a CD presentation; while some minimalist folders only show short details displaying their company logo, brief profile and contact numbers.

Whatever a company decides on what to include in their presentation folder, it should always be clear and appealing to its target audience. It should also visually convey the message that your company would want say. Be sure to include only important elements and useful content. Corporate folders are often printed on thick, sleek card stock to give an initial impression of the quality. Message-wise, it should also depict the company's purpose and relevance.

Pocket folder design

In order to find a unique brand identity, it is ideal for a company to use authentic office stationery. This way, not only are you able to create effective marketing tools, it also makes your company look more professional in the eyes of your clients.

Brochures, business cards, promotional CDs, letterheads and other documents that bear the name and logo of your company are considered office stationery. To be organized, these office stationery are often placed inside special containers called presentation folders or pocket folders. While we often see pocket folders used by people working in the field of sales, they can be used for so many different purposes such as academic prospectuses or for detailed lists of hotel/resort services and amenities. Like a book's cover, a pocket folder's design will be scrutinized by clients which makes it arguably the most important tool at least for presentation purposes. By all means, it should look attractive and should encourage potential clients to find out more about your brand or services.

AArt Design 571 305-3127